Plant Breeding

We have developed our own product portfolio using traditional (non-GM) plant breeding. Projects are primarily aimed at developing high value varieties for use by the hobby gardener. Our motivation is to deliver a finished product that gives our end-users pleasure and satisfaction.

We have experience with a wide range of crop species and breeding systems.

We use colleagues in Costa Rica who offer contra-season growing options to accelerate projects.

Our varieties enter the market by a combination of licencing and direct sales. Variety presentation is  via Hortconsult – please refer to linked website for details – and sales provision may be carried out and invoiced either by Comense or Hortconsult depending upon customer preference.

Plant breeding is a mixture of science and art and inspiration. Please refer to the ‘projects’ section for an insight into the process and our thinking.

Seed Production
We carry out contract seed production with appropriate specialist international farms and nurseries, or with our own subsidiary in east China. Countries used for contract seed production include the Netherlands, China, Guatemala and Kenya.
Contracts, support and advice can be given as requested.

Advice can be given on request. Please contact Comense direct for this.

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Novellus Breeding
Netherland Flower Trials