We offer supervised contract seed production for a wide range of flower and vegetable crops and are based mostly in China and Costa Rica.


Shandong: based in the east of China. Most suited for biennial or perennial crops and greenhouse production. Successful crops include Cheiranthus cheiri, Primula acaulis, Viola wittrockiana, Primula malacoides.

Gansu: in the west of China on the borders of the Gobi desert. Rapidly becoming a world centre for seed production around the city of Jiuquan, near the far end of the Great Wall. The climate is continental and dry, but with excellent irrigation from snow-melt on the mountains. Well suited for a range of annual and biennial field crops..

Costa Rica

In Central America, in the tropics. Most seed production is between the elevations of 1,000 to 1,500m, which allows an equable temperature all year round. Best suited for greenhouse production, although field production for some species is possible.
map of locations in China

landscape in Costa Rica